Hanks’ Gourmet Beverages is a family business based in Philadelphia, with a history in the beverage industry that goes back over 40 years. Hank’s Root Beer was first introduced in 1996 and since then we’ve grown where you can find our product in stores in over 40 states and always online. Hank’s initial success was in the restaurant trade in Philadelphia and surrounding areas. Consumer demand drove expansion into all types of accounts, from chain and upscale restaurants, to delicatessens, supermarket chains, and hotels. Hank’s offers a full line of gourmet flavor premium beverages, and is sold in over 40 states in every region of the nation.

Hank’s Gourmet Beverages are created with premium ingredients creating a richer, creamier taste sensation, appreciated by both young and old. In addition, our award winning, unique, upscale packaging is superior to other premium beverages, and sets us apart from the competition.

Hank’s has worked hard to create the ultimate in gourmet quality beverages and packaging. We are committed to providing consumers with the type of products they are looking for and are continuously working to create new, innovative, premium beverages.

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