Hank’s Heralds National Health Education Week


PHILADELPHIA, Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ — Healthy Aging, Live Long, Live Well is the theme of this year’s National Health Education Week on October 12-18. To encourage awareness and action toward healthier living, Hank’s Gourmet Beverages will launch its new line of vitamin-infused, sparkling beverages during the same week.

Launching at the Natural Products Expo on October 16 – 18 in Boston, Hank’s will introduce boomers and their kids to Hanks Gourmet Infusions. This line not only meets consumer’s rising demand for beverages that taste good and are good for them, but that are infused with natural Vitamins B12, C, and E, calcium and antioxidants.

Hank’s Gourmet Infusions come in four unique flavors appealing to palettes both young and old. Its Berry and Green Apple are reminiscent of kids’ favorite hard candy flavors, while its Orange Cream and Root Beer Float respectively re-create the sensation of many baby boomers’ favorite treats: the Creamsicle(R) Pops and the ice cream/root beer float.

To maintain the authenticity of these traditional flavors and to create a sweet treat that is healthy, Hank’s has infused all natural ingredients only, including real sugar, skim milk and small amount of cream. Combined with its light carbonation, these sparkling gourmet beverages deliver a refreshing taste with a rich texture that appeal to kids and parents alike.

“Parents today are looking for alternatives to traditional soda; they want beverages with benefits,” says President Bill Dunman. “A lot of families grew up on our traditional root beer soda. We wanted to deliver a product with the same great taste, but infused with all natural vitamins, calcium and antioxidants. We’re pleased that our Hank’s Gourmet Infusions line delivers it all; good taste and health benefits.”

Additionally, with its individual and four-pack, 12 ounce, slim, aluminum can package, this line is portable, safe and convenient. Hank’s Gourmet Infusions are available through select distribution and online at www.hanksbeverages.com.

To learn more about Hank’s Beverage Company, receive samples and/or schedule an interview with Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Bill Dunman, contact Renee Cooper at Christie Communications at (805) 969-3744 or rcooper@christiecomm.com. You may also visit www.hanksbeverages.com.

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Renee Cooper of Christie Communications, +1-805-969-3744, rcooper@christiecomm.com, for Hank’s Beverage Company.

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Hank’s Wins 2007 Glass Packaging Institute Clear Choice Award, Carbonated Beverage Category

Saint-Gobain Containers (Muncie, IN, USA) says it has now supplied glass packaging for more than 50 winners of the Glass Packaging Institute’s Clear Choice Awards since the program was founded in 1989.Blog-Post

The Clear Choice Awards recognizes the contribution glass packaging makes to the image and success of everyday products. In total, 52 containers manufactured by Saint-Gobain Containers have received the honor.

This year, five products packaged in Saint-Gobain Containers’ glass–three of them beverages–won the award, which was announced during the Food Marketing Institute Show in Chicago on May 7. These products include Michelob AmberBock and Michelob Celebrate, which tied for first place within the beer category, and Hank’s Gourmet Beverages for the carbonated beverage category. Non-beverage winners were La Famiglia DelGrosso Pasta Sauces for the food category and Bertolli Organic Pasta Sauce for organic food category.

“We commend the 2007 Clear Choice Award winners and are thrilled that more than 50 of our customers’ products have been recognized for innovative packaging over the years. These companies understand that creative packaging design and smart material selection influence consumers at the crucial point of purchase,” says Marilyn LaGrange, Vice President of Market Development for Saint-Gobain Containers.

The Michelob AmberBock 12-ounce pub-style glass bottle by Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company showcases the smooth, rich dark lager. Saint-Gobain says the design is “upscale, contemporary and eye-catching for pure enjoyment, inside and out.” The winning Michelob Celebrate bottle, also by Anheuser-Busch Brewing Company, is “an elegant 24-ounce glass bottle intended for sharing,” the company adds. A limited holiday edition, Michelob Celebrate helped toast the holiday season with vanilla oak and chocolate brews.

The 12-ounce Hank’s Gourmet Beverages bottle, according to Saint-Gobain, “features a distinct, upscale design. The Hanks Beverage Company has a loyal consumer base that appreciates and recognizes the care it puts into its beverages, from the distinctive upscale glass packaging to the unparalleled flavors.”

Since 1989, the Clear Choice Awards have honored consumer product goods manufacturers who expand the frontiers of glass packaging design by using glass containers in innovative ways.

Saint-Gobain Containers, the second-largest glass container manufacturer in the United States, serves the food, beverage, beer, spirits and wine container markets with 14 strategically located manufacturing facilities. The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the trade association representing the North American glass container industry.

Source: Beverage World

Hank’s Introduces New Proprietary Glass Package

Already a leader in the gourmet soda category, Hank’s Gourmet Beverage Company has raised the bar with its new proprietary 12-ounce glass bottle. Designed to showcase the quality of the Hank’s product line-up, which includes root beer, diet root beer, black cherry, vanilla cream, orange cream and birch beer, the new bottles will literally “pop” off of store shelves thanks to embossed features. Each eye-catching bottle features an embossed logo on the neck and raised cartouches that display metalized, embossed body and neck labels that add to the drinks’ retro appeal.

Source: Beverage World


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